David W. Hanson, Tax Practitioner, Relief for Delinquent Taxpayers.

If you are behind in filing tax returns, even many years late, we are here to help you! We have dealt with many taxpayers who have come to us literally worried sick about the possible consequences of old past due tax returns.

If you have tax returns that are past due, you’re not alone. The IRS estimates that up to 10 million people who should have filed returns in recent years failed to do so.

We understand your situation, and we can help you!

Unlike some others, we understand that you WANT to file your tax returns. The many clients we’ve represented with delinquent or past due returns are absolutely indistinguishable from their neighbors in almost every respect. However, for one reason or another, they have fallen behind in their tax filing responsibilities. Once they have fallen behind, they find it especially tough to get caught up on their unfiled tax returns. A kind of avoidance behavior sets in. While they are nearly paralyzed into inaction, their senses of worry and guilt still function all too well. It is all too accurate to say that their grief over their tax situation becomes a disruptive force in their lives.

We’ve got great news for you.  You can get relief and get back into the tax system, without criminal prosecution, with your privacy intact. We can help you reconstruct records and obtain tax documents. If you have refunds coming to you, you can still recover those from the past three tax years. If you owe additional tax, there are payment options which can be tailored to fit your circumstances.
Click here to get further information on payment options.  You can become a former tax return non-filer, and we can help.

Here’s your bottom line…filing those old past due tax returns will lift a great weight off your shoulders!

You will probably be charged interest on late tax payments, should you owe additional tax.  Although, the IRS can assess large late filing and late paying penalties on any additional tax you happen to owe, if anything, penalties can be abated for reasonable cause. It is common to find late filers confronted by challenges that constitute a reasonable cause sufficient for the IRS to waive penalties.

If you or yours need help digging out of a late return filing situation, we provide understanding and experienced help!

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